2 Gigs and counting

Ok just a quick gig update, tickets are selling well for the Globe gig 11th December with Rosie Arnfield & Paul Higham  and I will be opening for The Blockheads 12th December.

11th December The Globe, Glossop

12th December opening for the Blockheads at the Sage, Gateshead

Shop Sessions, GIG REVIEW

Garron Frith Music That’s Worth a Pretty Penny… Shop Sessions #8

Now you know I treat every Shop Session like it’s my birthday each month but I think this Shop Session had me in excited anticipation the longest. Not only was I going to see the wonderful fingerpicking blues style of Chris Grimes up close and personal but Garron Frith was interrupting his tour with 10cc to come and play for us in this intimate unplugged setting…..

After the opening foray from KwalaParla it was time to introduce Chris Grimes..

Seeing Chris play up close in the shop was a real treat, his intricate fingerpicking blues always fills me with awe.. straight away my foot was tapping. You can feel the Rhythm’s that would have had dance halls all over the US jumping in the 20s & 30s and still grips me today. The thumb keeping time with the alternating bass and the fingers creating the fine needle work of the songs it’s mesmerizing especially to fellow guitar players. As much as I enjoy the finger picking blues on a normal 6 string I just melt when I listen to someone playing blues on a resonator and that’s exactly what happened as Chris started playing Six White Horses. Chris started the evening off in style and treated the audience to a style of music which some had never seen performed live which created a real buzz..

Vid Link
So a quick refuelling stop then it was time to introduce the nights featured artist Garron Frith.. This would be the 4th time I’d seen Garron live this year  & every time so far he’d been totally ace so I knew we were on to a safe bet for a brilliant night of live music. As soon as Garron hit the first notes of ‘Good Thing’ I was grinning. Wonderful music really does move me whether it’s the corners of my mouth, the tap of my foot or the full body sway and this did it all.. Garron created an amazing sound as his voice, guitar and harmonica filled his unusual surroundings.
Charlotte’s Choice
Black Widow sounded sublime unplugged on Garron’s classical guitar which he explained doesn’t often get played at gigs but sounded like the perfect instrument for this unplugged setting. It’s more than just the music with Garron though he links the songs with friendly tales that give you an insight into a music industry that’s not always kind but his spin leaves you laughing and feeling a bit more connected to his music. So by this point I was already having one of my favourite evenings so far and then he broke out the slide for ‘Rolling The Dice’. The song just oozes class as the slide floats up and down the fretboard with Garron easing his vocal over the top, these are the moments that let me know that the Shop Sessions are worth all the effort.. By far my favourite song Garron performs is Pretty Penny (That’s ‘Pretty Penny’ just ignore this, just making sure I have this fully ingrained into my gold fish of a brain ;]) he encourages the audience to become his percussion and beat out a Rhythm while he plays harmonica then sings Acappela over the beat.. sublime.

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Garron will be recording his next album soon which means we will all be treated to more totally ace music in 2015 we can’t wait….

9 Days in.

Played sandbach Thursday night, The Cycle Junction what a great gig and an appreciative crowd, nice little solo gig.Then Friday over to Skegness with 10CC, again good crowd, today I have a day off and the final date tomorrow in Guildford at G Live all good fun.

sold out

4 Days In.

So I’m four days on’t tour, Saturday night Dewsbury a great crowd many faces I had not seen for a while, played a few new songs a few old. Then Sunday in the VW down to Basingstoke great gig at the Anvil, 10CC were on form and the crowd were appreciative of my opening slot, Tuesday over to Cheltenham Town Hall another cracker. Wednesday day off so went for bike ride with TM Keith Myerscough, Wednesday now at Tunbridge Wells all ready to sound check, tomorrow night see’s me at Sandbach Cycle Junction solo gig, then over to Skegness & Guildford for the final part of my 10CC support. 20141027_7114