I’m a big Rutles/Innes fan, I’m free to be an idiot To the right is my good pal and guitar tech & general whizzkid Mike Kirby (he’s forgot more than I know about guitars).


I played The Union Chapel, London last year with my friend Simon J Alpin, he has produced and played on my last two albums and we co wrote Not the man together, great songwriter. We met at Danny George Wilson’s gig and he was the first musician I ever met that recorded me and didn’t have a money agenda,  just a love of music.  Simon has worked with the best of em and the worst (me). ha ha

garron and graham

For me one of the Greatest Manchester Bands we have ever had 10CC, a complete buzz that I have opened for Graham several times over the few years.  

Me N John

With John Bramwell from I am Kloot, done a few gigs supporting John great Manc songwriter, were both from Hyde up the road from each other and never knew. 


I was invited to do a few dates with Billy Ocean, great musician and decent guy. I couldn’t complete the full tour as i was tied up with some Zombies and solo gigs but nonetheless it was a great situation to be in spoilt for choice. One gig was Holmfirth and the next was Skegness, drinking a cool beer on the beach front with Billy’s long term manager and my manager at the time  Sarah Gregory, it was scorching hot and Billy didn’t have any merch that night I played a blinder gig and merch wise.   

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